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Vivalys Patrimonia SCA SICAV-SIF

A global private Luxembourg based Specialised Investment Fund structured as an “umbrella fund”, a framework consisting of Sub-Funds

The Company's umbrella structure may cover Sub-Funds whose investment objectives and features may differ from existing Sub-Funds.

Each Sub-Fund is treated as a separate entity and operates independently, with each portfolio of assets being invested for the sole benefit of the Sub-Fund concerned. I.e. real estate, private equity or sector, country, assets nature, project dedicated and any tailor-made Sub-Funds will be plugged into the umbrella framework.

To meet the specific requirements of one or a group of investors, we can add classes of shares or a specific Sub-Fund.
It is very flexible and virtually limitless.

Vivalys Patrimonia Management Sàrl

A global private Luxembourg based investment management company.

It manages the investment fund Vivalys Patrimonia SCA SICAV-SIF with his Sub-Funds.


Both companies are supervised by the Luxembourg regulator, the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” (“CSSF”). The Company has been granted regulatory approval by the CSSF.
Vivalys Patrimonia
Special Purpose Vehicles
Luxembourg and/or local companies are setup as subsidiaries of the Vivalys Patrimonia investment fund to manage the assets where they are, on behalf the investment fund and under the control of the investment management company.