Corporate governance

The fund will be managed by the Management Board, taking full responsibility of the overall management and administration of the fund with his sub-funds, and the investment management.

The Management Board currently have 3 members and includes 2 independent members.

The Management Board sets up strong Risk Management and Conflict of Interest Management policies based on AIMF Directive and that comply with the latest legislations in Luxembourg and European level.

The company maintain a full, written Governance, Risk and Conflict of interest Managment Policy.

Governance system is based on three pillars : Transparency, Method, Tracking with purpose of prevention, identification, measure, monitor, alert and escalation, treatment and decision, record, report.


Management Board
3 members (2 independent)


Investment Management
Pierre Untereiner
Yves Speeckaert
  Risk Management
Yves Speeckaert
Allen Foley
  Conflict of Interest Management
Yves Speeckaert
Allen Foley

* currently the funds is in the process to appoint a AIFM Management Company