The team that the investor will entrust his money is probably the most important thing. On it depends the security of capital and performance.


> Management Board

> Partners & Managers


That is why we have a Management Board highly experienced, having accumulated extensive experience in investment management, assets management, investment funds management and highly developed governance practice for the protection of investors' interests.

Two of the three board members are independent, which indicates a greater rigor in the selection of investments and strengthen risk management for the benefit of investors.

On the field, locally, to care our assets, we also select partners who know the local market and the local context and who are experienced in the sector and able to perform the nature of assets we hold.

We also select the best, the top professionnals in each segment, at each place, to support us and we work with them in a long term relationship, a real partnership spirit. This allows us to work in confidence and be more efficient, more especially when confronted with difficulties.