Our mission is to provide our clients, our investors permanently with a gateway to high performing markets  and sectors worldwide, through investment into opportunities, companies and projects with local managers we believe have a thorough and deep understanding of their chosen markets.

Our portfolios are built with a high level of diversification, through ensuring our chosen markets and strategies are significantly uncorrelated.

For us, the money of our customers and investors is more valuable than ours. So we are very demanding and very selective in our choices, and we reject all that we do not know or that we can not control or master directly.

We do encourage our customers and investors after ourselves previously invested and tested, validated the market. We then combined the knowledge, practical experience necessary for success and can then share our knowledge, our know-how with clients and investors. As a strong principle we still share the risk with our customers and our investors as we always invest ourselves in the funds we manage.

We do not only advise, we do what we advise for and we manage it.

Our approach is innovative as we always want to better meet the expectations not met by the market. We do not want to be an actor umpteenth among tens of thousands of others.

We always want to bring more added value. For this we must be creative, have innovative approaches and propose solutions distinctive and alternatives. This mindset encourages our teams always mobilized to achieve the best performance. But if we are creative, often somewhat pioneers, we do not mean irresponsible adventurers.

Fiercely and totally independent, fully assuming our responsibilities and choices, we refuse to engage in ways that impose constraints or requirements of third parties, be submitted to the dictates of third party, the financial market, or deadlines and timing that are not ours. We definitely want to keep full control of our operations, the only way as we can anticipate, manage risk and optimize really.

Investment for us means necessarily capital protection, heritage, and that must be priority, which also induces choices and demand an approach, a strategy over a time scale.

For all these reasons we argue essentially macro-economy, and we focus on real, tangible, physical assets.

Therefore, we do not speculate in the short term, nor use the purely financial instruments, complex financial derivatives, financial leverage and other third parties products provided by the market.

Our performance, we seek to obtain by positionning ourselves and going installed upstream, in emerging markets and sustainable economic growth countries, by investing in fundamental and vital sectors in the medium and long term.


It is our choice and we assume.

If you join our philosophy, you are welcome and we look forward to associate yourself with our operations.